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Hyfire Partner

29 Aug 2022

MW Fire are appointed Hyfire Partner status.

As Hyfire strengthen its team to support the rapid growth of their business in the South East region, so too MW Fire looks to take advantage of their business model to develop a closer partnership with its customer base.

The Fire Safety Act 2021 and PAS 9980 became legally enforceable from 16 May 2022. The wireless sector has grown due to the evolving fire regulations which put an increasing demand on installers, Hyfire have recognised this trend and reacted to it. Their view is that wireless fire technology has become the real solution that can meet the future challenges of an increasingly regulated fire industry.

Their new products for the Taurus product line – (BIM Objects) announced the introduction of the first commercial wireless EN54-31 compliant tri-sensor detector, combining CO, dual-path optical smoke and heat sensing technologies in a single compact unit.

They have gone as far as appointing the Business Unit Director Tom Crane, as the Hyfire International Director to further develop their systems, while Darren Walker, no connection to Marshall Walker of MW Fire, becomes Hyfire’s UK Technical Support Manager.

These changes represent a new direction for the Hyfire brand which has expanded rapidly over the past two years. Hyfire offer the widest range of commercial standard wireless fire devices on the market ranging from optical, heat detectors, interface & control units, all EN54 certified and fully compliant to BS 5839 Part 1.

Wireless is now more relevant than ever due to the savings it can make in both time and installation costs, especially in a residential environment where installers and end clients require rapid fulfilment with minimal upheaval.” – Tom Crane

Having started out as a niche technology aimed at large industrial buildings and heritage sites, wireless is rapidly becoming the first choice for UK installers with up to 90% less cabling required and installation times reduced by 75% or more. It is an ideal solution for complex fire systems.

Hyfire was launched in 2007 bringing to market some of the first commercial wireless detection and alarm devices fully meeting EN54. Since then they have focused on quality, reliability and as we are seeing in recent times, innovation in the commercial fire sector that is paving the way to the future.

The question is moving from “Why should I use wireless?” to “Why wouldn’t you use wireless?”